Discount Real Estate Commission

Sell Your Home With A REALTOR® And Save By Paying A 0.7% Real Estate Listing Commission.
Full MLS® Representation And Buyer REALTOR® Commission Included In Toronto.

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Sell On MLS® With A REALTOR® And Save With A Discount Real Estate Commission

How Much Can You Save By Paying A Discount Real Estate Commission?

Home Value Discount Real Estate Commission Traditional Real Estate Commission* Savings
$ 1,000,000 $ 14,000 $ 50,000 $ 36,000
$ 5,000,000 $ 70,000 $ 250,000 $ 180,000
$ 10,000,000 $ 140,000 $ 500,000 $ 360,000

This discount real estate commission is the same whether you are a seller or a buyer.

When you pay a discount real estate commission, you also save money on HST! An additional $1,300 for every $10,000 in real estate commission savings.

The real estate commission is lower, but the services are still the same. The 0.7% real estate listing commission includes full MLS services and agency representation by an experienced Real Estate BROKER & REALTOR. You will receive:

Home Evaluation -- Short 2-Month Listing Agreement -- Full Representation MLS Service And Exposure On -- Additional Exposure On Nationwide Reciprocal Websites -- Wide Angle Digital Photographs -- Personalized Digital Media Website ( -- 'FOR SALE' Sign -- Lock Box & Personal Showings -- Showings & Offers By Other REALTORS -- E-mail Notification of Showings -- Full Time Agent Availability -- Open Houses Where Appropriate -- Over A Decade Worth Of Real Estate Sales Experience -- Offer Presentations & Negotiation Assistance -- Electronic Signatures -- Deposit Trust Account -- Coordination with Lawyers on Closing

Will other REALTORS show your home given the lower real estate agent fee? Yes they will! All REALTORS have fiduciary and legal obligations to act in their client's best interest, to execute their legal instructions, and to inform them of all listings, regardless of real estate commission. Furthermore your listing will be on MLS and publicly accessible through portal websites such as It would be impossible for a buyer not to know that your home was up for sale.

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Arthur Kozlowski is licensed as a Real Estate Broker in Ontario under the Real Estate And Business Brokers Act, 2002. He is a REALTOR working full-time in Toronto. He has been helping home owners sell & save on MLS using a discount real estate commission model, for over a decade. He represents Green Hedge Realty Inc., Brokerage. A discount commission real estate brokerage in Toronto.

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